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Philip Hurst Marriage to Rebecca Ann Sanderson

Philip Hurst married Rebecca Ann Sanderson in the Endowment House in Salt Lake City 9 Oct 1873. This was a plural marriage. Rebecca was born 15 Jan 1858 in Union Fort, Salt Lake County a daughter of Henry Wicks Sanderson and Rebecca Ann Sanders. She shared the big rock house with Elizabeth for a few years and then moved to the little log house in the fields where she could be alone. In 1882 Philip bought an adobe house in town for her. It was the first adobe house built outside the fort in Fairview and was built by her Uncle John Sanders.

 Philip and Rebecca were parents of ten children: James Martin, Julia, Albert LeRoy, Sarah Jane, Clarence Ray, Guy Randolph, Edgar Sparks, Ralph, John (stillborn), and Ada Rebecca.

“Fare view Sanpete April the 20th 1874 Dear Mother and Sister with pleasure I answer your kind letter after a long time we are all well at this time hoping this may find you the same I hope Mary Maycock is well there is a great deal of sickness hear Owen Terys baby died of dipthery it was buried yesterday little Otis had had it but is well enough now that was the reason that I did not write two weeks ago and one weak ago I was to mothers she has very poor helth as she thinks she is quite a young woman again I don’t get to go to mothers very often now as Mary is not hear to stay with the children I canot go as contented as I did then although they would be took good care of George has been to the City he got home last Saturday their folks is all well Mary sent us som apples and the same night I had a letter from her she is enjoying her self very well I think she had got a good man we have been wearing a little more I have been coloring some peases and peased me a nice woolen quilt I have got Arthur in pants he thinks he is the man that we live with little Otis can walk his hear is curley I don’t think he is much biger that he was when I was to your house I think he is awful pretty well give my kind love to Mary and Amos and Willy Isabell and your self please write soon from Elizabeth Hurst to mother and sister good night.” On the back of same letter: “Dear mother I have just got home from Salt Creek the president has been holding a two day conference there. They have organized the settlement under the order of Enoch or into a grand cooperative system for mutual support. There is one in Dixie and others between Salt Creek and Dixie the theory takes well if the practical part gives as good satisfaction it will be a good thing to unite the people it has snowed all day the winter has been long and severe we have got no crops in yet and most of people have fed out their hay so close they will not have feed for the teams to plow with times are dull the weather bad and we are bothered with a few apostates that are making us some trouble but the Lord is able to take care of his saints and I hope the reign of the wicked is short give my respects to all the folks and accept the same yourself. Philip Hurst.”

Same letter: “here is a curl of hair from my little blessings head tell Isabell to take good care of it Mother it is just two years today since you got hear the last time and I wish you was hear now it has been snowing for two days and nights deep enough so that we have dipped up snow to wash with at the 21st of April we take weak about doing the work when my weak is out I am so tired that I am almost sick and Rebeca just as tired of setting for she would rather be on her feet for that she is the most young to do house work tell Hester and Isabell to write.”

“Fairview San Pete Co Aug 25/74 Dear mother and all the folks, being a rainy day I take this opportunity of writing a few lines we are all in good health and hope this may find you so. This has been a singular season spring was cold and backward the summer hot and dry at first now we are having cold showers and when the sun comes out it is very hot and sultry our grain is filling out pretty well but still it is a rather poor crop owing to cut worms and late spring. There is some sickness among children Westwood baby is dead and the next one is sick our new order is working about as well as we could expect considering the change from individual to company movements. Some men that never would work for themselves are taking hold pretty well but I think it will take from 2 to 5 years to get a company in good running order but with honest business men for officers and foremen it is bound to be a success. I would like to come down to conference but am afraid that having to attend court it will interfere. Our land most of it has to be paid for in November and money is scarce and hard to get We sent 11 yoke of cattle and 6 waggons to haul freight to Pioche this morning but there is nothing in the shape of work that pays very well for money hence the necessity for retrenchment we must go to making more and buy less I think our new order will help to accomplish this. / / Well Mother I guess Philip has wrote all the news we will be done spinning tomorrow we had plenty of work to do we are going to try to get our weaving done before the weather gets very cold we are going to do it ourselves if we can I stayed 8 weeks with my mother so that put me behind with my work. Mother is getting along very well but the last was not very well eny of the time and is not yet Sarah went down once and back the same day I am going to go down to Bottle Creek in the fall to dry fruit I wish you would come down so that I could get to see you Elfleda is with Mary yet I should like to see her very much I had letter from her last week she was well they Rebeca Tucker come from there a few day ago and she told me that Emmas children has got a very bad cold the babe was not very well last night Little Horace has been walking for 5 months he can almost beat me walking to Emmas or Sarahs he talks a good deal for so yong a boy tell Isabell that one of them Cox boys was married last Thursday night in the school house and had a dance and a good time the girl was Rosey Jones all of the children got school Luella likes to go Tressa Terry is the teacher I have got quite a nice flower garden in front of the house the babe makes them fly he nearly get lost in them he is so short and the flowers high They have began to take butter to the store now at 18 cts per pound and eggs at 15 per dozen I had a letter from grandfather last week I have wrote the answer today and one to Mary today so that I am quite tired of writing the times is very dull here I cant think of anything to write Cates babe was a very pretty one I was the only woman they was there when she died we did think she was so bad I had been alone with her until a few moments before she was gone give my best respects to all and tell them to write it is bed time the rest of the folks is a nodding at each other I guess I shall holler and scare them. Good by from yours truly, Philip and Elizabeth Hurst to Susanah Maycock.”

The Fairview Ward Records (Fam Hist Lib Film 025,959) state: “July 2nd 1875 United Order formed with H. W. Sanderson Secy & Treasurer (he is father of Rebecca Ann Hurst) 3 Jul 1875 Baptized into United Order . . . Elizabeth Hurst, Rebecca Ann Hurst, Philip Hurst, Philip Harrison Hurst, William Henry Sanderson (md Elfleda Hurst), Henry Weeks Sanderson Junr.”

“Fairview Nov 28 1875 Dear mother & all the folks I take the present opportunity to write these few lines to you hopeing they may find you all well. We are having one of those rainy times it has stormed on and off for three weeks and our black clay soil is as full of water & as sticky as it generaly gets to be but thank God we are better prepared for rain than we used to be, for the house though not finished, keeps the rain off and will not leak for a week after it has quit raining out of doors. We raised this year 250 bus wheat & 150 bus oats stacked 15 tons of hay and got in about 150 bus potatoes and some other garden vegetables but owing to last years failures we were out of every thing before we got new supplies and it requires considerable exertion to save a crop after raising it. But owing to the rich discoveries of coal just over the mountain east of us times are beter here than they have been for 3 years for we have a market right at home for nearly everything we want to sell. We got your letter this morning and was pleased to hear from you but I am afraid I shall not be able to keep my promise of visiting you this winter, much as I would like to do so for as soon as we got the farm work done I took the job of clerking for the Coop Store and it keeps us both busy to attend to it and do our own chores I would not have done this but I thought if we could make our store goods that way and pay up a few little debts that had been made I would be able to take a beter start in the spring than we could without it and I believe Philip will get a more practical education in the store than in any school we are likely to have this winter. We got up two plays for the benefit of the Sunday School. Richard myself & Philip all taking parts we have a pretty good company here and I expect I shall soon have to quit playing while my credit is good, or the boys will run me out. We are rehearsing ‘Aurora Floyd & Caught in his own trap’ but the press of active business takes me away my appetite for the nonsense of the stage. If Amos’s business will alow it I wish he would hitch up and fetch you and the folks out on a visit and I will endeavour to return the compliment as soon as I can. We are all in good health please write to us and let us know how you are getting along no more at present from yours & c Philip Hurst.”

“Fairview May 31, 1876 Dear Mother, Sister and Friends: I write to let you know how we are all well and hope this may find you so. This place is organized into the United Order. A. Tucker President, myself Vice President. For fear you may get a wrong version of the story I thought I would tell you about the fus we had here with the U.S. Marshall. He arrested D.Saunders for not paying the Marshall fee and was about to take him away and not give him time to make any arrangements for the care of his children. The children crying in the street aroused the sympathy of the women. They gathered – took the horse away he had hired to haul him to Mount Pleasant, and with this and considerable jawing they give him he swore out a writ against ten persons and others to the number of 70 or 80. _____him with clubs and threatened to hang him. He identified me and George, John Anderson, John Saunders, M. Cheney, Becca Terry, Martha Tucker, E. Carlic, Melia Tinker and Mrs. Hansen. We have been to Provo for a hearing. Three women were cleared and others all held to bail. I think it will all end in smoke, but if it comes up before a honest jury I can prove myself clear of breaking any law, but it is anoying to be ____around so much. The whole affair in any other country would hardly be noticed, but anything to annoy the Mormons and they will make political capital out of it. P. Hurst / / Well Mother I would have written sooner only I thought I would wait till the folks got home. I have not done much work for about 5 weeks. Sarah’s baby was sick for three weeks. I had to go there, then to Emma’s twice a day till George got home. They came on Friday. Last Sunday Philip and George was at Bottle Creek. Mary came home with them. She will stay till she gets a good chance to go home, but I am afraid she will get homesick. She wants Fleda to go home with her and I guess I will let her go. The weather is very cold. The tree is just in bloom here. The gardens are just coming up. Folks is sheering sheep, then I hope we will have something to do. We have been to meeting today, had dinner and been out to see how many of the flowers is up. I think I will have a nice lot of them. Emma has got along so well and she is proud of the girl. She says its name is Mary Rebecca after everybody she could think of. It is quite a pretty baby for a young baby. Mary fetched it a nice long dress or the stuf to make one. Well Isabel thank you for the flour and I should like to see you all. I was glad to hear from you, but so sorry to think that Daniel has gone, poor thing. Lily Cheeny’s man’s name is Martin Sanders one younger than Paul or John and the brother that you seen of mine was Hazzard for we have not seen James for 15 month. He is at theWeber to work. Well I am afraid this piece of paper is to small to write all I could think of but I will write soon and will try to have more. You pleas write. give my love to every body. Don’t let Olive think to much of Dannie. from your affectionate - -Elizabeth Hurst to Mother, Isabell, Mary and Willey be a good boy to Mother.”

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