Saturday, March 6, 2010

I believe in farming

I Believe In Farming

I believe a man's greatest possession is his dignity,

and that no calling bestows this more abundantly than farming.

I believe that hard work and one's sweat are the building blocks of a person's character.

I beleive in farming, despite its hardships and disappointments, in

the most honest and honorable way a man can spend his days on earth.

I believe my children are learning values that will last a lifetime,

and can be learned in no other way.

I believe that many of the best things in life are indeed free: the splendor of the sunshine,

the rapture of wide open spaces, the exhilarating sight of your land greening each spring.

I believe true happiness comes from watching crops ripen in the fields, children growing tall in the sun,

your whole family feeling the pride that springs from your shared experience.

I believe when a man grows old and sums up his days, he should be able to stand tall and feel proud in the life he lived.

I believe in farming because it makes all this possible!

Author unknown

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