Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Memories

Grethe Poulson Hurst asked on facebook for these memories. She wrote, "Anyone who has a favorite memory of Elden Hurst please post it and we will read them on Thanksgiving Day! November 21 at 12:44pm ·
Judy Simpson:The thing I will always remember about Elden is how much he loved his family. He loved his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren, and he was also proud of his heritage. I still recall his talk in church about MP Romney.
November 21 at 7:25pm
Jeanette Drake: Oh I have so many memories. Dad always supported us in all our activities. I remember one year when Lucile and I made tailored clothing for the 4-H Fashion Revue. We finished our outfits at the last minute and Dad delivered our outfits to the Murray City Building so they could be judged for construction. When we went the next day or so for the modelling judging one of the women told us how our Dad came rushing in at the last minute and was so concerned that our clothing articles would be entered in the judging. She pointed out to me that Dad really cared a lot about us. He came through for us in a pinch.
November 21 at 7:45pm
Shannon Anderson Blockburger: The thing I remember best about Grandpa was that he was always there. For every piano recital, dance concert, and graduation, he was there (with Grandma, of course). Looking back I realize that not everyone had such supportive grandparents.
November 22 at 10:58am
Patty Bingham: The thing I loved most a about Elden and Joy was their generous support of young people in Yale Ward. No matter what the event, recital, Eagle Court of Honor, primary activity, scout activity . . you could count on them to be there. . . often when it did not even involve any of their grandchildren. I remember one pet show I did with cub scouts and they showed up to support it. Wow!!! They have always been a great example to me.
November 22 at 6:55pm
Clayton Hurst: I remember when I was in elementary school and he helped with the elections. My teachers always had a reason to pass through that area of the school, and I was able to stop and say hello to Grandpa. I thought of him earlier this month when I voted for the first time.
Tue at 11:30am
Paul Joshua Hurst: I remember staying with grandpa for some summers. We would eat cereal and apricots. Once we went fishing on Uncle Lowell's boat, I remember grandpa cutting a fish. I am so thankful to have had grandpa Elden as my grandfather.
Grethe Poulsen Hurst: I'm thinking about our wonderful father Elden Hurst today. I'm bringing the vegetables, fruit salad and mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving dinner, so I'm going to bring the things he liked. He liked corn (the frozen kind), the frozen fruit salad that I have a recipe for and real mashed potatoes (not instant).November 21 at 9:27am
RosaMaria Bejarano Hurst: I wish we will there, but Rebecca will come to spend Thanksgiving with mother and all of you.

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