Sunday, November 22, 2009

Priesthood in the Spirit World

This is the entry in the book Draw Near Unto Me: Daily Reflections on The Doctrine and Covenants by Robert L. Millet and Lloyd D. Newell for the date November 22 on page 354.

'David Patten I have taken unto myself; behold, his priesthood no man taketh from him: but, verily I say unto you, another may be appointed unto the same calling. DOCTRINE & COVENANTS 124:130
When Elder David W. Patten was martyred and entered the world of spirits, he did not lose his priesthood nor did he change quorums. “The same priesthood exists on the other side of the veil,” President Wilford Woodruff taught. “Every man who is faithful is in his quorum there. When a man dies and his body is laid in the tomb, he does not lose his position. The Prophet Joseph Smith held the keys of this dispensation on this side of the veil, and he will hold them throughout the countless ages of eternity.” President Woodruff also said that “every Apostle, every seventy, every elder, etc., who has died in the faith, as soon as he passes to the other side of the veil, enters into the work of the ministry, and there is a thousand times more to preach there than there is here” (Discourses of Wilford Woodruff, 77). Thus, whatever callings we magnify here will have a bearing upon what we are called to hereafter.'

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