Thursday, June 25, 2009

Susannah's and Abigail's Father's Day talks

From Susannah:

I would like to start by saying happy fathers day Dad! I’d also like to mention that last time I gave a talk my dad timed it… it was supposed to be 5 minutes but it was only 90 seconds. Since I’m talking about fathers today I’ll try my best to make it longer than last time. Fathers do a lot for their families, and that is how fathers day became a holiday. Sonora Dodd of Washington first thought of the idea of Father’s day in 1909 while she was attending a Mother’s day sermon. Her mother had died giving birth to the family’s 6th child and her father had raised the other five children by himself on their farm. She recognized the sacrifices that her father had made to raise them all, so the first father’s day celebration was in June of 1910. It wasn’t until many years later that Father’s day was honored and then signed as a permanent holiday. My dad does a lot for our family. He taught my brothers and sister and I how to play the piano and other instruments. He helped us to get ready for federation each year by helping us choose songs and then making sure we practiced them. Even though we didn’t like it too much at the time, we still have the knowledge of music that he has taught us today. Some of the best times are from when my brothers and sisters and I were little he always took us on family vacations. Long before that he had a good house in which we all grew up in. He would always take us to get ice cream for desert after family home evenings. He would take us to the swimming pool several times a week. In the summer he would take us to the zoo where we would stay all day. We’ve been on many family hikes, too, and he would always make sure that we were up early so that we could pack lunches and fill our water bottles. There have been times that I didn’t agree with what my dad made me do… the most memorable was when I broke a window and he made me help replace it. He also helped me out when I wanted to take a class, but didn’t have enough to pay for it. He said he would pay for it if I promised to practice the piano each day and work to pay him back. From doing the work to earn the money to pay him back, I learned financial responsibility, which will definitely be helpful when I go to college in a few years. My dad has done a lot for my family. Even though we may not realize at times, there is a lot to learn from listening to what our fathers tell us to do. Because I did what my dad asked me to when I was younger, though I didn’t know it then it helped me learn many of the things that I know today. I am very glad for what my dad has taught me. I share my testimony that a lot can be learned from out parents, and that we just need to follow these examples. And I say this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.--------------------

From Abigail:

"heh heh heh...i threw mine away when it was over...sorry. but i did include that my dad stays up until 2am playing age of empires, that was a good chorus of "hahahahaha" from the congregation. ;D"

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