Monday, June 1, 2009

Quiz on Life Sketch of Elden G. Hurst

(I promised a quiz, so here it is.)

1. What is Grandpa Hurst’s first name? Correct spelling please.
2. Where was Grandpa Hurst born?
3. How old was Grandpa Hurst when he had his tonsils out?
4. What serious illness did he have when he was in the second grade?
5. Was Grandpa Hurst selected to speak at his seminary graduation or at his high school commencement?
6. Where and when did Grandpa Hurst meet Grandma Hurst?
7. Grandpa Hurst was a veteran. What branch of the service? What war?
8. What job did Grandpa Hurst have when he was at Pearl Harbor?
9. Where were Grandma and Grandpa Hurst married?
10. What universities did Grandpa Hurst attend?
11. What degrees did he earn?
12. How many children does he have? Please give their names.
13. Where did Grandpa Hurst serve as a full-time missionary?
14. How many years did Grandpa Hurst serve in name extraction? List three things of counsel that Grandpa Hurst gave the rising generation

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